Do you have any idea how hard it is to write a blog!

I opened this site over a year ago with the full intention of blogging my thoughts and feelings at least on a weekly basis. This is my second attempt.

It is not hard, but there always seems to be something that I put in the way that stops me from doing it, why?

  1. Is it because I am lazy? yes probably.
  2. Is it because deep down I am afraid of publicly expressing my thoughts? Yes, definitely. I am private person. (Err why are you doing a blog then?).
  3. Is it because I keep finding reasons not to do it, putting my own barriers in the way so that I am justified in not doing it or putting it off? Yes, a very annoying trait of mine.
  4. Is it because I am finding it quiet difficult to find the time to learn how to use this WordPress thing. And therefore keep putting it off until I have taken the time to do the tutorials? Yes, see 1 and 3 above.

So far it has cost me a stack of cash for nothing. Albeit not as much as my monthly gym membership has cost be over the last two years since I stopped going. Why do I not go to the gym anymore. See 1 to 4 above and substitute some of the words because I can’t be bothered to.

Anyway 1-4 are all true and yet here I am blogging.

What has changed? Nothing. Maybe the sun is out my computer is on and I got an email from those WordPress people and it reminded me that this was something that I wanted to do.

And now I don’t really have anything to say. So here is the rub. When you are at you most animated and you really need to say it you are not sat at your computer ready to record it! When you are sat at your computer it because you have logically been through the process of finding the time, switching it on, logging in (it no longer does the facial recognition thing?), and remembering your password. I am now in full logical mode ready to record my inner most thoughts. No, I am sat in front of screen having been through the angst of logging in and I having nothing left to express. Dam.

Is that how you spell ‘dam’ when you mean…’drat’ (is that a word?)?

Immediately I feel better. I have blogged. Next one will be within a week (he is lying it will be over a year).

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John Frank Trent

Having been diagnosed, treated and almost cured of lung cancer I feel the need to record some of my thoughts. This is not a self help site there will be no advice on cancer related matters just my thoughts.

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