The New Normal

Coming soon a blog entitled “The New Normal”.

On the 19th May 2017 (almost a year ago) I was diagnosed with Stage 4 (later downgraded to Stage 3b) Non Small Cell Lung Cancer. (Ps. I never been so happy to be down graded)

A year on I still have Stage 3b lung cancer. I have had a years worth of treatment and I feel the need to record my experience.

At first I have some catching up to do and I will do that by covering the last year in the next couple of blogs. And then we get on with blogging about living with cancer. The New Normal, although there isn’t anything normal about it.




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John Frank Trent

Having been diagnosed, treated and almost cured of lung cancer I feel the need to record some of my thoughts. This is not a self help site there will be no advice on cancer related matters just my thoughts.

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